Membership Solicitation

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Dignity of Members

What is the benefit of becoming a member? The answer we provide is that we, as a member of Spirit of SHINISE [∫inisé], contribute to the dignity of a company.

  • Spirit of SHINISE [∫inisé] is the first group in Japan and in the world, of business managers who share the spirit of shinise. Please be aware that high standards are required to become a member to keep and improve members dignity.
  • Members create together a sense of value of the spirit of shinise (a company as a public institution of society shall seek perpetuity and pursue management with sound and long-lasting prosperity while paying consideration to harmonising with the social environment) that can be applied globally based on the management style of Japan that reflects the history and culture of Japan.
  • As business activities exclusive to the members, members conduct research on and give suggestions to companies not listed on the stock market regarding reforms of the taxation system for better succession. Also, members share their suggestions with companies listed on the stock market about the new corporate value that is different from liquidation value.
  • Through activities to have the shinise of Japan become the SHINISE of the world and NOREN of the world, members contribute to the dignity of their companies as a contribution to society from the position of the head of business management as the president of a company.

Member Qualification

A business manager of a company that meets the criteria below based on the purpose of establishing the Spirit of SHNISE. Recommendations from two members of the Spirit of SHNISE must be submitted and approved by the board of directors.

  • A company and manager that can establish a company that can last a hundred years in a sound society, as a sound company resides in a sound society, by paying attention to not just the year of establishment but also the years a century ahead
  • A company and manager that utilise the basic principles as the most important guidance for making business judgment
  • A company and manager that can act to ensure great employee satisfaction to maximise customer satisfaction
  • A company and manager that share the shinise’s perspective of the world and the moral value to cherish the quality of profit, which supports the shinise’s perspective
  1. Since managers of companies that pursue sound and long-lasting prosperity while paying consideration to harmonising with the social environment seek perpetuity as social capital, and create the sense of value of modern shinise are assumed to be enrolled as members, there is no restriction in terms of the year of establishment, size of the company, whether it is listed or unlisted, and whether the company is owned by the founder family or not.
  2. The basic principles are the inclusive term for concepts that indicate the reason for the existence of a company such as corporate philosophy, corporate motto, management philosophy, and supreme strategy, which has the aim of positioning the company as a public institution (soundness), pursue long-term and sound management (perpetuity), seek actions to create bonds in society (social capital), and the companies and managers are always being conscientious to comply with the basic principles (consistency of words and actions).
  3. As a basic approach to management, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are at the same level and there is no order of priority between them.
  4. The shinise’s perspective of the world has something in common with the spirit of sado (the art of the tea ceremony) when we look at history. The tea ceremony was developed in the culture of merchants in a free city, Sakai, and was combined with Zen of Ikkyu Sojun and Renga (linked verse in Japanese) of Nouami, which evolved to the tea ceremony (traditional culture known as wabi and sabi). Similarly, based on Japanese disposition of Zeami (Yugen [subtle and profound in Japanese] = beautiful and gentle visage, mimic = copy [shinise in Japanese], flower = inspirational force), Shinise evolved into the Spirit of Shinise in the process of succession and innovation of basic principles.
    Moreover, the concept that says profit is always right in a capitalist society puts us into a bottleneck situation where only profit and efficiency are pursued. This makes us forget that profit is not always right (as a target) but is just a measure to achieve our targets. We are hoping that companies and managers who are ethically sound and able to reason the “soundness of the quality of profit” before pursuing the “profit and efficiency” will join us.