Business Activity

We are planning to initiate activities to popularise the modern spirit of shinise and expand global NOREN based on agreement with the philosophy centred on the principle of pioneering the Spirit of SHINISE.

Expansion and internationalisation of the spirit of shinise

Activities for internationalisation and adoption as the universal language of SHINISE and NOREN (interaction with organisations in other countries).
Award to honour the modern spirit of shinise through Spirit of SHINISE Award (for companies of various countries around the world).
Popularisation of shinise through the origin and culture of the spirit of shinise by implementing the Shinise Culture Test or by publishing an official textbook.

Business Plan

We will implement business activities of interaction meetings, seminars, committees, workshops and others to study and popularise the spirit of shinise that has perpetuated from ancient times to the present age as well as to expand the global NOREN.

Interaction Meeting

Understanding of the modern Spirit of Shinise shall be promoted through interaction of managers who share and pursue the spirit of shinise.



Specific themes shall be deeply examined with the basic policies focusing on studying the modern spirit of shinise, research about one-hundred-year-old companies and redefinition of corporate values.

Corporate philosophy seminar
Corporate succession seminar
Perpetuity and employment seminar



Popularisation and internationalisation of the spirit of shinise and NOREN shall be promoted through executive committees.

Membership committee
SHINISE & NOREN Internationalisation committee

Shinise Culture Test committee
SHINISE Award examination committee

Preparation groups for the Membership Committee and Internationalisation Committee are scheduled to be launched in the first fiscal year in which the Internationalisation Committee will promote interactions with domestic and foreign organisations. The Examination Committee and Test Committee will have a preparatory term in the first fiscal year and fully start their activities in the second fiscal year.

Training Workshop

A place to bridge the training of young members and understanding of the spirit of shinise shall be created and the base of Spirit of SHINISE [∫inisé] members shall be expanded.

Spirit of SHINISE workshop
The workshop is for young managers of member companies with programmes of lectures and training camps.